Where I find energy and time for happy life?

Let me tell you about our life and how I find all  needed energy to stay healthy, happy and peaceful.
We (me and my husband)  do not have any help (and we did not want to be helped:-) with raising our twins. And as many of you know each  stage of development of child need a different approach, patient and creativity . What helps me  to have enough energy for my kids, husband, business?

Positive family portrait

Positive family portrait

Below the  things  which helps me feel energetic and stay positive, they really work for me:

1. meditation  10-15 min every day,

2. cocktail  with fresh juice from different vegetables and fruit and sprouts every day,

3. eating just enough to  not to be  hungry, do not overeat,

4. yoga 2 hours per week,

5. gym  not less than 1 hour per week,

6. use 100% cold water after every shower, for 30-60 seconds full body starting from head,

7. positive reading every day,

8. relations with positive thinking people, avoidance of  energy-eating people,

9. our  business: photography.

10. my hobby: knitting and crocheting.

I am constantly updating  this list, finding more  ways to improve my life every day.  I try to find  more exercises,  education and communication which will help me  to go my way.

Hope somebody find my “energy happiness” list useful. Or may be you can share your findings and  ideas?  I am always open for  positive healthy advises:-)

Twin girls toddlers jumping in the puddle

Twin girls toddlers jumping in the puddle

And here is another problem I am dealing with:  TIME.  Luck of time, to be correct:-)

Where to find enough time? I use BENJAMIN FRANKLIN time management methods to improve every day task efficiency and Yoga Nidra (may be rendered in English as “yogic sleep” or “sleep of the yogis”)  to decrease  time I need to sleep every day, still staying healthy and energetic. We will discuss these methods in my next posts.

Thank you for visiting my blog! I really appreciate your attention.

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