Healthy cocktail recipe with sprouts and fresh juice

Our family healthy cocktail with sprouts for strong body and health mentality.

Few months ago we have started to drink a cocktail made from fresh juice, vegetables, fruits and sprouts. So far we and our twins like it a lot! Basically this is our every day lunch. We clearly feel more energy during the day,  stopped to eat multivitamin pills (fresh stuff way better in any case), our toddlers are also seem to be happy:-)

Our family healthy cocktail

Our family healthy cocktail

Hope everyone knows (read below) how reach with vitamins and other necessary nutrition sprouts are.  When we tried to eat them raw and unprocessed it was not much fun:-) Cook them? No way, there no reason to spend time to grow something just to kill everything healthy in it  by cooking after. For us the solution was the cocktail.  Below I’ll explain how we make it.
We are photographer’s family, so we did all the photos for you, great product should be represented with a great photos of it, right? :-)

Ingredients for vegetable  juice (You can add another vegetables and fruits, everything is limited only by your taste and fantasy, but this is what works best for us):

2 carrots
5 apples
2 celery stick or 1/4 celery root
1 beetroot
1 small (black) radish
1/4 white cabbage

Fresh vegetables and fruits juice

Fresh vegetables and fruits juice

Ingredient for cocktail:

wheat and rye sprouts
4-5 dry apricots
1/5 cup of cranberry
bunch of spring mix greens
bunch of parsley
fresh vegetable juice
agave syrup for sweet taste if you like

Put all ingredients into blender container and blend for 5 minutes.

Health cocktail ingredients. Sprouts, greens, dry appricote, dry cranberry

Health cocktail ingredients. Sprouts, greens, dry appricote, dry cranberry

Couple words about sprouts.

Studies show that sprouts have 3 to 5 times the vitamin content of the seed they sprouted from. And as for Vitamin C, sprouts have over 30 times the vitamin C content of the original seed. Wheat grain sprouts have a lot of vitamins and also have a good amount of protein and enzymes.

The nutritional content of the wheat sprouts quadruples in some of the vitamins and minerals through the sprouting process. For example, once the wheat  is sprouted, vitamin B-12 quadruples, other B vitamins increases 3 to 12 times, vitamin E content triples, and the fiber content increases three to four times that of whole wheat bread! According to research undertaken at the University of Minnesota, sprouting increases the total nutrient density of wheat berries. Below is an example of what happens to the wheat  once it sprouts. It’s absolutely amazing!

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin) increase of 28%
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) increase of 315%
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) increase of 66%
  • Vitamin B5 (pantathenic) increase of 65%
  • Biotin increase of 111%
  • Folic acid increase of 278%
  • Vitamin C increase of 300%
Sprouts and vegetables health cocktail

Sprouts and vegetables health cocktail

If  you have tried  our cocktail or had made something similar, we would be glad to hear about your experience. How it tastes, how you feel after, what ingredience did you use?

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  1. This is the most beautiful blog post about healthy cocktails abd juices I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many of them:) Great recipes, thank you for sharing with us!


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